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Do you love your pet as a member of the family? If you do, you are in great company. Many people view their pet as part of the family, choose human names and know pets increase quality of life and health.

A healthy pet is more fun, lives longer and is less stress on the family budget. Prevention is the key since it pre-empts your pet from illness and increases the length of its life. Most prevention is simple and starts at home. Examining your pet at least monthly by observing eyes, ears, nose, teeth, throat, skin, feet, appetite and stool/urine production is your first line of defense. Cleaning out the ears twice weekly and brushing your pet’s teeth three to seven times each week will prevent serious infection. Infected teeth can lead to heart, liver, kidney and lung disease that are painful and shorten your pet’s life. Ear infection can also be painful and lead to chronic ear disease, loss of hearing and spread of infection into the body.

Feeding the best diet you can is also a simple but important issue. A quality diet will provide the building blocks for a healthy, trim body and help the immune system fight infection.

Where does your family veterinarian come in? All of these above suggestions should be discussed with your veterinarian, and get their advice on techniques and products.

Your pet ages two years of human life every three months and should receive a comprehensive examination with fecal check at least twice a year. Newer vaccines are an effective and safe means of preventing deadly diseases such as bordetella (whooping cough) and leptospirosis (liver and kidney disease).

Information retrieved from Pet Care news article by Dr. Jerry Den Herder. A veterinarian with Den Herder Veterinary Hospital.


Vaccinations are an essential preventive care measure for keeping your pets healthy. At PV Village Pet Hospital, we believe that through vaccination dogs and cats can be better protected from numerous disease risks, including rabies, distemper, hepatitis, and leukemia among others. Research has shown us that a widespread in the use of vaccines in the last century has prevented the spread of disease and death of millions of animals. Contact us today to schedule your beloved pet’s vaccination care.

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